Taylor Swift Uses Facial Recognition Technology at Her Concerts to Keep Stalkers at Bay

Taylor Swift Uses Facial Recognition Technology at Her Concerts to Keep Stalkers at Bay

Revelations about the security arrangements at a previous Taylor Swift concert has left fans feeling like characters out of a dystopic, sci-fi drama.

Imagine going to your favorite singer's concert. Then innocently stopping on your way to the entrance to look at conspicuous screens streaming videos of said singer rehearsing.

Would you think that the screen you are looking at is covertly running surveillance on your face, scanning and saving it for future reference? Well, that is exactly what happened to fans in May at Taylor Swift's Rose Bowl show.

According to a Rolling Stone report, a facial-recognition camera was fixed on a kiosk's display at the concert.

Mesmerised fans stood there and watched their singer's rehearsal clips, unaware of the fact that they were actually being photographed.

What happened to these photos?

The images were then transferred to a Nashville “command post” where they were cross-referenced with a database of hundreds of the pop star’s known stalkers.

One would think that this could be a case of breaching privacy but as The Guardian notes, Swift's concerts are technically private affairs and the superstar has no obligation to notify the attendees that they will be surveilled.

Why use hidden cameras?

The pop star had to file a restraining order after a man allegedly stalked the singer following her concert at a Formula 1 race. As per the documents, the stalker had been emailing Swift's father, Scott, for several months, threatening to murder the entire family.

Another report states that a fan most recently broke into Taylor's home, showered, and even slept in her bed.

So, it may be understandable why the superstar is going to such lengths to keep her stalkers at bay.