"We need to sell more vehicles in India, India can sell sarees in Germany"- German Ambassador

"We need to sell more vehicles in India, India can sell sarees in Germany"- German Ambassador
German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit India for the biennial summit level gathering this harvest time; Germany's new represetative to India Walter J Lindner affirmed that to India Today TV.

"Chancellor Merkel will come [to Indi] this fall. Don't know whether it will be October or November. It is a biennial thing that we do when the two governments meet up and have a summit-level gathering where we talk about all parts of our ties," Walter J Lindner said in the wake of introducing his accreditations to President Ram Nath Kovind on Tuesday.

Chancellor Merkel will make a major push to battle environmental change, one of the greatest worldwide difficulties.

Merkel will accompany a company of bureau clergymen.


The two sides will talk about joint effort in the circles of man-made brainpower, modernisation, future working conditions, security of the planet, a dangerous atmospheric devation, advancement and financial viewpoints.

"Environmental change is a significant subject. It will affect the entire of humanity. In India, contamination of River Ganga, contamination of the air, shortage of water and other normal assets and a greater number of deserts than horticultural land are the incredible difficulties and are being looked by individuals over the world," Walter J Lindner said.

Financial matters

On financial front, Walter J Lindner stated, "We have more than $20 billion worth of merchandise and business between the two nations yet there is space for additional. We need to sell more autos here and in the event that you need to sell more sarees in Germany, at that point proceed. We should discover approaches to better the circumstance."


Germany and India will likewise concentrate on security perspectives where battling fear based oppression would be foremost component.

"Germany and India have been casualties of psychological oppressor assaults. We need to do everything to dispose of this hazard from the essence of the planet. This isn't possible by a couple of countries, we need to do this universally. We need solid accomplices and India is a solid accomplice," Walter J Lindner. said.

India and Germany have been significant accomplices of Afghanistan.

The ongoing choice of the US to pullout its troops from Afghanistan have been a worry for every one of the partners in the locale since the is yet to discover harmony and strength.

While the German agent agreed that troop withdrawal is an inevitability, it is impossible in flurry.

"Over the long haul, a pullout is normal since Afghans should bring their destiny into their own hands, however anything that is hurried isn't great. US previous president Obama had begun with this thought and President Trump is stating something very similar. Be that as it may, there is no official line which says that they are hauling out. It will require investment," J Walter Lindner said.

India and the European countries have likewise been watching out for the advancements on the US-Iran front.

With the US fixing its noose around Iran's neck and with Tehran's ongoing risk of investigating its arrangement with the P5+1 after US withdrawal, Germany is trusting that better sense will win.

Cautioning of an atomic weapons contest, the German emissary stated, "We ought to abstain from anything which raises strains. Presently, JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] is a consent to restrain the availability of Iran to atomic weapons. It was a foundation of atomic security and harmony in the district. In the event that you expel that, at that point the peril is that we have an atomic weapons contest in the locale and that would not be helpful for anybody. That is the reason we are discussing how might we persuade the Iranians to remain in the understanding. They need some monetary advantages for which we have set up a financing system which is still in a newborn child arrange however may be helpful."