Sorry, Rahul Gandhi Jee You Tried But Failed. Now Congress Needs a New Leader

Sorry, Rahul Gandhi Jee You Tried But Failed. Now Congress Needs a New Leader

From the Congress point of view, the result of the 2019 Lok Sabha race has one lowlife – Rahul Gandhi. From the very beginning, Rahul seemed each piece a rebel, a hesitant pioneer who needed yearn for power and an advantage inside the great old gathering. With results as yet coming in, there are upwards of 12 states where the Congress may not open its record!

Rahul works hard the nation over, yet the content of his survey battle had no unmistakable true objective. Rahul continued focusing on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, tending to him as 'Chowkidar Chor Hai' without setting himself as an option.

The charges against Modi on Rafale needed punch or illustrative proof. More regrettable was his failure to wriggle out of a lawful wrangling where he had himself drawn anger of the Supreme Court for unbelievably ascribing the 'Chowkidar Chor Hai' comment to the zenith court. The hatred notice could have been effectively managed an unqualified conciliatory sentiment in the primary hearing yet his in-house lawful guidance endeavored to act political and smart significantly. So in numerous rounds of surveys, voters sat in front of the TV news features with diversion, "Rahul Ko Padi Supreme Court Ki Phatkar".

At the ideological dimension, Rahul took on indifferent conflict on Hinduism or more extensive issue of religion, religion and legislative issues. He and Priyanka were seen visiting sanctuaries, partaking in yagnas however quiet on the issue of Ram Temple. In the event that Rahul and Priyanka had tried to return to lives of even Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, they would have understood that the pre and post freedom history of the Congress is loaded with its Right-wing examples and leanings.

In 1948, Congress president Acharya Kripalani had visited Pakistan to attest that interests of Hindus in the recently framed state were of worry of Indian Union and the Congress. Regardless of whether it was interest for formation of Punjab or rebellion in Punjab, Indira Gandhi firmly recognized herself with "Hindu" interests. K Karunakaran was a transcending Hindu pioneer in Kerala as was Tarun Gogoi in Assam.

Nonetheless, without an Ayodhya tenet, Rahul Gandhi's sanctuary run, Gotra-Janeyu statement and arrangement with the lion's share network confidence sounded somewhat empty. The AICC boss neglected to persuade the voters why they ought to settle on the stupendous old gathering rather than Narendra Modi-drove BJP who will satisfy their religious desires. Most Congressmen in Uttar Pradesh like to abstain from discussing the apparition of Babri or Ram Janambhoomi, yet this ostrich-like methodology would not support the Congress. It is as yet not very late for Rahul to gather an exceptional AICC session, hear out its grassroot specialists and plan a goals on vexed Ayodhya debate to demonstrate a route forward.

So also, the possibility of NYAY plan may have been brilliant as voters love value-based relationship, however it never contacted the general population it should court. The creators of NYAY were a lot of academicians and Rajya Sabha individuals who felt it was underneath their pride to disclose to the Congress unit. More regrettable 'Stomach muscle Hoga NYAY' battle was distributed in Hindi (yet written in Roman content) in papers. The crusade jingle was a rap melody which some discovered energetic yet it didn't resound with not really youthful and country voters. Shockingly, the NYAY jingle made no notice of Congress or Vote for Congress trademark.

The Congress' in-house restlessness over battle plan, attention and internet based life crusade justifies a volume. There was consistent quarreling among Anand Sharma, Jairam Ramesh and Sam Pitroda over battle contracts. Therefore, the activity that should close in January 2019, went on till April first week, scarcely seven days before clench hand cast a ballot were thrown.

Those in charge of finishing and distributing proclamation were dependably at the loggerheads. It indicated by and by that Rahul was a long way from being in charge even as the old gatekeeper versus-youthful diminished Congress war room at 15 Gurudwara Rakabgunj Road to useless stage. 15 GRG, as it is tended to in Congress circles, facilitated less gatherings despite the fact that diet Coke were refrigerated well and chips and sandwiches and chocolates were all around supplied.

Quickly and rather neglectfully, part of inventive work, for example, plan, generation, innovative work were separated among few organizations that had amazing benefactors.

In my book 24, Akbar Road, I have referenced that the acclaimed student of history and humanist Ibn Khaldun was once gotten some information about the destiny of administrations. Khaldun propounded that the greatness of a line only sometimes kept going past four ages. The original is slanted towards victory, the second towards organization. The third era, being free from the need to overcome or manage, is left with the pleasurable errand of spending the abundance of its precursors on social interests. Thus, by the fourth era, a tradition has typically spent its riches just as human vitality. Henceforth, the defeat of every imperial house is installed in the very procedure of its rising. As indicated by Khaldun, it was a characteristic marvel and couldn't be maintained a strategic distance from.

The underlying driver of issue is that, much the same as Sonia Gandhi, Rahul and Priyanka consider themselves to be trustees of the gathering, and not wielders of intensity (which is the thing that they are). This daydream is annihilating the Congress, yet the gathering chiefs appear to overlook this significant viewpoint. In post-autonomy India, Gandhis have driven the Congress for very nearly six decades. It has made a tremendous reliance model where

Congressmen admire Gandhi relatives as irrefutable pioneers and consequently, anticipate constituent achievement, control and so forth.

From Jawaharlal Nehru to Indira, Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi, no Gandhi enrollment has fizzled or suddenly quit governmental issues. This deception of loftiness is presently coming up short on karma and time.

The hopeful among Congressmen, be that as it may, see a silver covering in 2019 survey fiasco, pointing at the decrease of a few territorial gatherings like the Bahujan Samaj Party, the Nationalist Congress Party and the Samajwadi Party. The Congress under Priyanka's initiative gets an opportunity to fill the void. Be that as it may, it will require Priyanka taking up a house and living in Uttar Pradesh 24x7, facing road conflicts. Is it accurate to say that she is prepared for that job prompting 2022 Uttar Pradesh state get together?