Ranjeet Kumar was Awarded his Doctorate in Business Administration

Ranjeet Kumar was Awarded his Doctorate in Business Administration
A Grand program was organized by AIIPPHS University, New Delhi at the Constitution Club of Delhi, in which 19 distinguished people from different fields were awarded Doctorate Degrees.
Member of Parliament Manoj Tiwari was present as the Chief Guest in the program. In the program, Ranjeet Kumar, Director, Ranjeet Skill Private Limited from Delhi, was awarded his Doctorate degree from AIIPPHS University, Delhi State Government.
Ranjeet Kumar has been awarded this degree for activism, honesty education and best services in the society. On this occasion, Ranjeet Kumar, Director of Ranjeet Skill Private Limited & Master Trainer of Skill India, told that I am very proud to get a doctorate degree from AIIPPHS University.

Apart from the chief guest in this program, hundreds of people were present on behalf of AIIPPHS University including Vice Chancellor Dr. Anju Bhandari, Registrar Dr. KD Arya, Dr. Khushbu Kumari(Director, DR. Guru Prakash(Director) along with retired IPS Dr. Anand Kumar, SH, S.P. Mishra (Retired IAS), Dr. Ranveer Kumar Singh, Charan Singh Kshatriya, Commandent Arun Kumar Singh, Neeraj, Actor Rajesh Pandit. Adil, Rani Prasad(DQD), Sh. Yogesh Kumar Sharma (Business RX ),Ravinder Kumar, Abhijeet Kumar, U.K Tripahi Apart from Doctorate degree, people of journalism and writing and other different fields were honored in this program.
It may be noted that AIIPPHS University, Delhi has been continuously awarding doctorate degrees to the talented people of the society.